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Friday, January 02, 2015

Looking for a New Year's Reset?


Many factors go into deciding what you want to buy for dinner. What are you hungry for? What looks best? Which option is the cheapest? What you choose to eat is greatly influenced by environmental, personal and socioeconomic factors. For most, it is often the price factor that takes over the decision, leaving the quality and nutritional value of the food to be sacrificed. Yes, people want to save money or spend it on something other than food, but shouldn’t food be considered an investment? It directly affects your body, your health and your wellbeing. In the long run, the food choice that you make ultimately determines your quality of life.

Imagine your body as a clear, empty glass. Over time, you fill and shape your once empty glass with food, drink and exercise. Because the glass is clear, it is easy to tell what you have consumed over the years, and because of the shape of the glass it is also easy to tell your exercise routine. Imagine that over the span of your life you have consumed only the best of the best foods and beverages, and above that, you have stuck to a healthy and active lifestyle. You have achieved the “ideal”. Eating fresh and organic meals completed with whole grains, protein and healthy fats help you to achieve this ideal. Imagine how great you feel with an established healthy diet and exercise routine. You have lots of energy, you feel happy and you rarely ever have sick days. Imagine the effect that this has on others around you. Your friends, family and children.

Now imagine your glass is filled with the actual habits and choices that you have made over the years. Maybe you haven’t consumed the “best of the best” foods everyday, and have included a few more fast food meals than you would like to admit. Feel the change happen, sense the difference between your actual day-to-day routine and the “ideal”. You’re slightly more lethargic, not as happy with yourself and you are slightly more susceptible to diseases. You might be asking yourself: why have I consumed the things I have? Why did I do this to my body? Especially now, that you know how good it feels to have the “ideal”. What is stopping you from achieving the “ideal”? Why should you sacrifice the quality of the substances that you put into your own body? 

Sure, every once in a while it is acceptable to treat yourself, to over-indulge, but you know what it will do to your body. Invest in your body, your health and your future. You know how great it can feel, so make it happen. Buy fresh and organically grown foods, and for days where you are pressed for time, try our hot food bar--it's a fast and easy way to invest in your body.

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